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Throw, Run, Catch


Teach, develop, and test the proficiency of each fundamental movement skill – Throw, Run, Catch – in the sport of flying disc. Each program will have a different set of disciplines that will increase in difficulty and complexity as
the level of the challenge increases.

How to play


Throw – Baskets and Circles

Two types of targets:

• Basketball hoop students will aim to hit

• Collect 5 points for a made basket and 2 points for hitting the backboard.

• Circles on the ground made from hula hoops or jump rope

• Landing inside circles cleanly is 5 points, landing on the line is 2 points. Discs can be rolled or thrown.

• After ten minutes, switch routines.

Logistics and options for target throwing:

• If your class size is large, you can divide the gym in half for this discipline and have both Target Throws (Basketball hoop) and “Circles” go at the same time.

• Try various distances to maximize success.

• If players are doing well with targets and the typical backhand throw, you can mix it up by implementing different throws: forehands, overhands.

• Keeping score: students should keep track of their own scores.

• Option: Teachers and instructors can decide that a wacky, errant yet entertaining throw and result (example: disc manages to roll out of an open door) is called a “X Factor” throw and is awarded extra points and celebrated for its
uniqueness and improbability.

Run – Battle Royale

Battle Tag Version

• Students place a disc upside down on their hand like a waiter bringing pizza to your table.

• Students walk/run around the gym trying to knock off opponents’ discs with their free hand.

• When the disc is knocked off, get back in the game by passing it around your body two times.

Other options of play

• Keep everyone involved by having students who had their disc knocked off get back in the game when the person who knocked them out gets knocked out (Mission Impossible Tag)

• Keeping track of success: players who survive to the final round of three should be awarded points.

• Try the elimination version 3 times: if you have the time, this game can be played multiple times so you can have multiple winners.

• 1v1 battle – students battle a partner 1v1

Catch – Speed Catch

• Students choose partners of opposite gender and stand 10 feet apart and count the number of consecutive completed catches within 5 minutes.

• The most famous record for this is 521 by Brodie Smith and Marques Brownlee but the current record is 1,000 catches in a row and students can try to break this record after school.

• Option: Every time they get 5 catches in a row, have them take another step back

• Option: Every time they have 2 drops in a row, have them take one step forward

Creative Catch

• Have students try to complete as many different types of throws and catches in 5 minutes. Have them make up their own throws, and their own wacky catches!

• Be careful! They have to be completed passes

• Have them stay at high five + one step back the entire time. When they catch, have them freeze and they must throw the disc back the same way that they caught it (i.e. if they catch with 2 hands, they must throw with 2 hands. If
they drop the throw, how they pick it up is how they throw it back).

• Keeping track of completed passes

• Students can attest to how many consecutive completed catches were made or how many different catches were made and teachers can write down the top five numbers/teams.